Soldiers Find Motivation Through Service Essay

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MOSUL, Iraq — Each Soldier in the U.S. Army is motivated by something different. Some Soldiers thrive to complete a task when they receive recognition for their work. Others need no recognition, but appreciate rewards after a job well done. Troops with different job functions in 1st "Charger" Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division maintain their motivation just by being Soldiers and completing their mission. Sgt. Maj. Richard Burnette, the battalion operations sergeant major, said that motivated Soldiers feel their own success through reaching a goal, no matter what it may be. "When we accomplish those goals, we feel successful," said Burnette. "Accomplishing a mission breeds motivation and makes you want to go out and complete more missions. Success breeds success." You can see these types of successes throughout the Charger Bn. Spc. Princess Thomas, a food service specialist, and her fellow Soldiers in E Forward Support Co., load pallets of food, drinks and cookware that are sent to troops stationed in joint security stations in Ninewah province, where amenities are typically scarce. "[The job that I do] Serving the Soldiers that are outside the forward operating base that don't have the luxuries that we have motivates me," said Thomas. She also said that it was an honor for her to serve her fellow comrades. Though Thomas and her coworkers aren't on the front line conducting combat operations, they play an integral role in the "Charger" mission according to Burnette. "[E Co.] may not be out doing the combat patrols, but without their support and what they do, the combat Soldiers will not be able to accomplish their mission because they won't have those resources in place to make it happen," he said. As Soldiers like Thomas move up the ranks into the non commissioned officer corps, they
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