Soldier Boys Essay

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Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes In this story you are taken back to the time period of World War II at the beginning of the story you are Introduced to one of two main characters Dietrich Hedrick who is a Hitler Youth recruit who is determined to prove himself to the German leader Adolf Hitler, as you go on through the story you meet Spencer Morgan who is 16 and determined to do as his older brother and fight in the war but instead of a sailor as a paratrooper. As Dieter (a.k.a Dietrich) Grows up he also ranks up going from Jungvolk-“Young People” to Hitler youth to ending up a infantry soldier for the Nazis. As a youth Dieter always looked up to Hitler as if he was always honest and right but as he progresses in the story he soon learns that it was all a mistake and that his partner in the war Corporal Shafuer was right and that Hitler was only trying to take over the world instead of making it better. In Spence’s (Spencer) case he went through basic training and was shipped all over the US until he finally was deployed to an English base just outside of the war afraid that he will miss the war before he finally gets into action. As both boys go through the war Spencer being only seventeen and Dieter only being sixteen they start to realize what they could have done instead of go to war how their families and home life seemed so good compared to sleeping in foxholes in the middle of a European winter wondering if they will live to see the next day. Spencer and Dieter both face being shot at by planes, tanks, people and even children. In the story Dieter has to make some hard choices as a Hitler Youth Leader leading groups of children no older than seven in digging foxholes and creating shelters for bombardment victims. The hardest thing Dieter faced was the execution of his friend William (Willy) Hoffman. The reason Willy was executed was because he didn’t want
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