Solar Energy Advantages

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Since the beginning of industrial revolution, our living standards are increasing with the demand for energy. Not only we need a greater demand for quality energy supply, but also a more environmentally-friendly one. We have been relying on fossil fuels as the main energy sources over a century, causing greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide which enhance the greenhouse effect and lead to climate change eventually. One of the solutions is clean energy source like sunlight. Solar, or photovoltaic(PV), cells will play a more and more important role in providing clean energy. What has intrigued most engineers is that most renewable energy is usually not effective and inefficient. Energy of sunlight has been underutilized to a great extent. While it is true that solar cell has been put in place in the last two decades, the power efficiency of which has been questioned due to several constraints. Factors like the range of spectrum and materials form the elemental limitations that prevent these traditional solar cell from getting a certain portion of energy in natural light. As such, there is a need to pioneer a new design of solar cell which can improve the collection of energy in natural light more effectively and…show more content…
Firstly, it can promise a continuous supply of power. The device is generating energy based on heat rather than light, which indicates that it will no longer be affected by external factors like changes in the environment, like when clouds pass through and obstruct the sunlight. It can also take the advantage of using solar energy on an 24-hours basis in theory if concomitant a thermal storage system. In addition, a large amount of heat generation during the process that may break some solar-concentrating systems can be reduced because of that heat energy would otherwise be wasted is now used by the system. These can improve the overall performance and reduce heat losses in photovoltaic

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