Solar Energy Essay

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2025; A Solar Powered America Solar power is the future of Americas energy source. Solar power is a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable power source than fossil fuels. Solar power is a cleaner solution than fossil fuels because they cause no harmful effects on the environment. Fossil fuels being the major source of our power, is a nonrenewable resource and we will eventually run out. Solar power is obtained through solar panels, which harness’s the light of the Sun, and converts it into usable energy. The Sun, being the endless source of energy that it is, will supply our power for as long as it burns. The research and development of solar power has well exceeded it’s expectations, with breakthrough advancements in it’s capabilities. Solar power will inevitably fuel Americas steady high energy needs by 2025. If we continue to ignore the need for solar power, we are forcing our children to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness. Switching to solar power would offer a multitude of positive impacts on the environment. Global warming is becoming a growing concern for not only our nation but our Planet. Carbon dioxide is the most prominent “greenhouse gas” which is quickly deteriorating the already damaged Ozone Layer. As of now we have not found a solution to mitigate the carbon dioxide produced as a result of burning fossil fuels for energy, and our time is running out. There is increasing evidence of the effects of global warming. As said here by Brenda Lerner“With global warming, the use of solar power has become even more attractive, as it does not generate carbon dioxide” (Lerner, Brenda). By using solar energy as our sole source for energy, we reduce the CO2 (carbon dioxide) level produced by fossil fuels drastically. It is by no means a plan meant to repair the already damaged Ozone Layer, but it is a step in the direction of preserving of

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