Soil Erosion Essay

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SOIL EROSION The ultimate objective of the research on soil erosion is to solve erosion problems by adopting suitable conservation measures. Suitability can be judged in various ways. The measures may reduce erosion to an acceptable level. They may be appropriate to the local farming systems in terms of their level of technology and compatibility with farming practices. They may economically justifiable. Although erosion is a natural process human land use policies also have an effect on erosion, especially industrial agriculture, deforestation, and urban sprawl. Land that is used for industrial agriculture generally experiences a significantly greater rate of erosion than that of land under natural vegetation, or land used for sustainable agricultural practices. This is particularly true if tillage is used, which reduces vegetation cover on the surface of the soil and disturbs both soil structure and plant roots that would otherwise hold the soil in place. However, improved land use practices can limit erosion, using techniques such as terrace-building, no-till, and tree planting. Human practices contributing to soil erosion Soil erosion is a function is a function of various factors that range from climatic to human induced among others. Focusing on the human causes of the erosion, following become very vital: Overgrazing, inappropriate cultivation method,soil compaction as a result of use of large tractors to till the farmlands, monoculture ,slash and burn techniques, deforestation among others. Overgrazing Heavy grazing can reduce vegetation enough to increase erosion. Changes in the kind of vegetation in an area can also affect erosion rates. Different kinds of vegetation lead to different infiltration rates of rain into the soil. Forested areas have higher infiltration rates, so precipitation will result in less surface runoff, which erodes. Instead

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