Soil Erosion Essay

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Soil Erosion Environmental Science – 5 What is erosion? Erosion is the process by which materials are removed from the surface and transported to another location. When soil and rocks are worn down they cycle through the Earth’s crust and the environment, causing a continuously shifting and varied surface. Humans cause erosion through poor land management, and wind which is a natural factor also causes erosion. The increased amount of rainfall amounts and intensities lead to a greater rate of erosion. The three practices that lead to erosion and soil degradation are over cultivation, overgrazing, and deforestation. Erosion occurs just as fast as it takes the soil to form, erosion can be devastating if it is not controlled properly. Over cultivation is the exhaust use of excessive cultivation. When farms try to plant seeds in order to grow crops they plow the fields, which in turn leaves the soil exposed to wind and water erosion. By using techniques such as the no till can help prevent erosion which is a process where the field is sprayed with herbicide to kill weeds, and then a planting apparatus is pulled behind a tractor. With this process the soil is never left exposed, and erosion and evaporative water loss are reduced. With improved conservation practices such as wind breaks, grassed waterways, and field border strips of perennial vegetation to filter runoff, soil erosion has been lessened. Overgrazing is the grazing of grasslands so heavily that the vegetation is damaged and the ground becomes liable to erosion. Sustainable grassland production is based on the management of grass, animal, and livestock. Grazing management is the foundation of grassland based livestock production because it affects both animal and plant health and productivity. Overgrazing can be caused by the poor management of livestock and agricultural applications and

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