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Soil Erosion Essay

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3 main causes of Soil Erosion

Splash Erosion: Is the impact of falling raindrops that break up the clump structure of the top soil and washes in to spaces between other aggregates clogging pores decreasing infiltration and aeration.
Splash Erosion Is the first stage in the erosion process
Results from the bombardment of the soil surface by raindrops
Is the primary cause of soil detachment and soil disintegration?
Means that resettled sediment blocks soil pores resulting in surface crusting and lower infiltration

Sheet Erosion: Is when the water converges into rivulets and streams which have greater volume velocity and energy and hence greater capacity to pick up and soil.

Gully Erosion:   Once started erosion can turn into a vicious cycle if it is not controlled the soil can’t Support the re-growth of vegetation and is exposed to further erosion rendering it is less able to support vegetation. Gully erosion can be prevented by quickly repairing rill erosion and addressing the cause of the rill erosion.
Land is also a precious resource. Land is needed for agriculture and occupation. Land is under pressure due to increasing population. Land for agriculture has to be fertile in order to be able to support a good crop. The fertility of land lies in the quality of the soil.
Soil is formed as a result of weathering of rocks. There are also many living organisms in the soil. Soil is, in fact a product of the interaction of living organisms with rocks. Soil has many layers. The topmost layer is called the topsoil and is the most fertile. The removal of this topsoil is called soil erosion

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