Software for Human Services Organizations Paper

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Software for Human Services Organizations Paper Michael Price BSHS/375 Software for Human Services Organizations Paper The human services field has many different organizations that assist clients with a wide variety of services that help those individuals that are in need of assistance. In the beginning the only tools available to the human services worker and their clients were the telephone, typewriters and postal service when they needed to contact one another or fill out paperwork. With the invention of computers and implementation of the internet all that changed. Microsoft developed a system of programs that assisted both the worker and the clients and there was the development of email which sped up the delivery of documents needed by each. Now there are even more powerful tools available for workers in the human services field, their clients and can also be accessed by the resources of the human services providers. People seeking help because of a disability presents a unique set of needs. These needs are being filled by a set of new programs that were previously unavailable with the office tools of Microsoft. One of these programs that is being used by the State of Florida Vocational Rehabilitation office is JAN (Job Accommodation Network, 2015). This is an online resource available for the Vocational Rehabilitation worker, the employers who are seeking qualified employees, the disabled employees of companies and the vocational rehabilitation clients that are looking for employment. JAN offers a variety of resources to workers in the Vocational Rehabilitation field, their clients and prospective employers. For individuals seeking employment they can use the JAN portal to access other sites such as to access tools necessary in finding work. It offers resume services, and relative information for the individual
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