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Katelyn Mercado Period 7 English 10 Honors Get Your Head in the Game Fastpitch softball is a sport of failure. It’ll break you and leave you crying on your knees if you let it. Games are won and lost on the grounder that had a funny bounce, the sun being in the wrong place at the right time, and the dinker hit that happens to fall directly between the shortstop and the left fielder sprinting towards each other. Although these things can’t be controlled, there are things that any player is fully capable of doing with no excuses. Lazy players tend to take the path of least resistance, not understanding that the choice they’re making now, results in a poorer outcome. Communication Communicating to other players on the field during the game, is a key concept in this sport. However, some fail to do so. As a catcher, I call the play as it happens whether it means what base to throw to or whether to cut off the ball. I see everything that happens on the field with a perfect view. I’ve seen a play crash down because a bag was left open, or a ball hit to the outfield and two players almost collide into each other like a cartoon show all because no one called “ball.” Fielders need to talk about coverage before the play, and call the ball if it’s hit in between them. Pitchers and catchers need to communicate about what pitches to throw. On-deck hitters need to tell runners heading for home whether or not to slide and to which side of the base to slide. Some players have no trouble talking before and after the game. During the game is when it matters. Missed Signs Have you ever seen a coach waving his/her hands around and making funny gestures? That probably means the coach is giving a sign. When a coach sees an opportunity for success, THAT is when you take advantage of it. If a player receives a sign, and fails to remember and/or do the action intended, the whole

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