Soft Skills Essay

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Article 2 The Missing “Soft Skills” for Project Controls Singh, Rohit. ACCE International Transactions(2005): DE11 – DE12 This article is about “The Missing “Soft Skills” for Project Controls”. According to Singh, Rohit(2005) a lot of project management and control programs provide the necessary management and technical skills but miss the important soft skills. Soft Skills are invaluable but are missed. These soft skills are: Basic Skills: Because of our educational system, most of us have not improved our reading skills further than college level. These basic skills are mainly responsible for 70% of our success but most schools fail to recognise this in their curriculum. Universities and colleges follow the same pattern as the schools and therefore make the same mistake of not encouraging or teaching these skills. Interpersonal Skills: Skills such as effective negotiations, goal settings are important to the project controls profession. Experiential Learning: The International Masters in Practising Management(IMPM), was founded by Henry Mintzberg. It consists of two-week modules which is spread over 16 months and across five contonents – there is no home campus(Singh, 2005). Students have to be trainee managers and sponsered by their companies. When a student returns from their modules back to their place of work, they have to write a reflective paper on what they learnt and how it relates to their job. This program is designed to help change the way students think. The classes are made up to leave half the time for students to communicate with other students in their class. The need for more programs, like IMPM, challenges the student to reflect on their experiences through knowledge and application. Critique I found this article very interesting. It is interesting to see that schools and colleges fail to recognise soft skills in their
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