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Socrates Through out the history of mankind there have been many influences on the way we think, and the way we view the heavens and the earth. In this paper I am focusing on one in particular, and his name is Socrates. But my question is what makes these people so smart that they can tell us how to think, what to question, or even what to believe in? Socrates for one was one of the guiltiest of this concept. He was known for corrupting the youth, questioning government, questioning religion, studying the heavens and the earth, and telling others about what he thought was the right way to think. In this paper I will explain not only how Socrates was nothing more than a blaspheming orator, but how his views, and way of life were, for the most…show more content…
There were many anti-democratic uprisings around this time, all started by young people that Socrates was teaching known as the “Socratic youth”. The last straw for the citizens of Athens when there was another uprising in 401, which was also made up of the young kids that Socrates was teaching. He would get them at an impressionable age, and then twist their views on religion, morality, and life in general. I can understand why the adults, and parents were upset by this. I mean think about it how would you react if some bum on the street was filling you kids head with nonsensical ideas contrary to the ones your are trying to instill in them. Not only does it make the kid question life but it makes them question tradition and second guess their parents. Socrates state in the apology “But far more dangerous are the others, who began when you were children, and took possession of your minds with their falsehoods, telling of one Socrates, a wise man, who speculated about the heaven above, and searched into the earth beneath, and made the worse appear the better cause” I find it hard to take this seriously because Socrates complains about how the people in the court room have been told from childhood stories about how bad Socrates is, and that he doesn’t…show more content…
It is often argued that Socrates believed "ideals belong in a world only the wise man can understand” ( making the philosopher the only type of person suitable to govern others. This is completely absurd because all he is trying to do here is get him in power. What a bold statement to say that only philosophers were the only people suitable to govern people. Socrates was in no way subtle about his particular beliefs on government. He openly objected to the democracy that ran Athens during his adult life. It was not only Athenian democracy: Socrates objected to any form of government that did not conform to his ideal of a perfect republic led by philosophers. So in other words he will only accept a government that he approves of, and is made up of philosophers like him. If I was able to hand pick everyone in government let me just say that there would be a lot of politicians that would be out of a job. But I can not and neither could he because he lived in a democratic society just like me, and the masses get to choose the government, and not just one

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