Socrates 'Defense In Plato's Apology'

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“Apology” February 20, 2013 As I read the Apology written by Plato I noticed that Socrates makes his defense in a question and answer type of structure. He is very wise as to asking the right questions. He tries to make Meletos answer his questions as it will prove Socrates defense later. Socrates tries to make Meletos contradict himself and therefore, the contradictions are his defense. For instance, Socrates asks “Do not the good do their neighbors well, and the bad do them evil? Meletos answers “Certainly” (26). After this Socrates goes back to his accuses and asked if he intentionally or unintentionally corrupted the youth. When Meletos says Intentionally he brings his point back to how he said neighbors won’t hurt their own neighbors

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