Socrates Accomplishments

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During the time of Socrates music and poetry along with physical exercise was the main practice at that time, and along he was instructed and taught stone sculpting, which was seen as a form of art, where he made significant progress due to his work being on the walls of Acropolis of Athens. Furthermore, later on physics took the attention of Socrates and assisted by his masters, he learned and progressed himself in mathematics, physics, and astronomy. During that time Socrates pursuit for these types of knowledge was to understand the cause and reasons for things to exist, and along with its quality or features. This pursuit for reason and cause was due to his personal pursuit of finding out the origin of things or “life”, and not only the…show more content…
“Socrates played the part of an attentive hearer(Wiggers), he carefully tried to understand others words and reason, and then carefully asked short questions that did not alone make a point, and in a series of these types of questions he starts to show how the other side is contradicting himself and for them “to acknowledge their ignorance(Wiggers)”. Socrates also went clearly and with a straightforward manner from one idea to another and with collective thinking he linked minor and major ideas together to form a result and did not disregard any minor knowledge or information as not important, and he was able to, depending on the person he is talking to, to carefully speak in a manner that best suit the reader. Socrates also does not mostly give a definite answer or truth to any subject that he spoke off with another, but merely disputes the arguments that were contradicting and encouraged further examination of the subject at hand. One important note about this Socratic method of disputing a claim is that Socrates never gave or spoke of his views of any subject, but only what it is not, and thus he was always attacking claims and never defending, were constantly attacking a claim will without
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