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Socrates gives us all a lesson in life as well as death. I think Socrates was a good respectable person, who was willing to die for what he believed in. Socrates spent his time questioning people about things like virtue, justice, goodness and truth. The people Socrates questioned are the same self- righteous people that condemned him to death. Socrates was sentenced to death because his mouth was upsetting the status quo and they wanted to shut him up for good. There was not any real evidence against Socrates to prove the accusations against him. Socrates was condemned for several reasons: he told important people exactly what he thought of them, he questioned ideas that had long been the norm, the youth copied his style of questioning for fun, making Athenians think Socrates was teaching the youth to be rebellious. The charge of being immoral was completely absurd because Socrates talked about the gods quite frequently and never stated to anyone that he was an atheist so it would be hard if not impossible for them to [prove him to be an atheist. The relationships between the religion and state and individual and society have impacted the past and are still concerns that are with us today. He was charged with being an atheist and with corrupting the youth, Socrates only attempt to expand their way of thinking. There is no crime in opening up minds to think independently in an open society Socrates would be a modern day political prisoner in our times and yes in some countries he would be put to death. Socrates from what I gathered this book a man of a person with strong integrity, a man who would rather die than consider himself dishonored, and a man who charges his friends to allow him to live life as he sees fit. Even as Socrates confronts aspects of the society of Athens, he demonstrates the importance of certain

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