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1. Socrates states that horses are happy when they are able to work. You can harm a horse by removing its ability to work. Similarly, Socrates believes he makes you be happy by helping you gain knowledge through recollection. His belief stems from the idea that soul is immortal, and that everyone has an opportunity to live with the gods if you achieve enough virtue and knowledge. Since the soul is trapped within the body, Socrates attempts to help the soul become better through recollection which can help lead one to the gods. Socrates believes that the gods lie in wait for the philosopher because he denies the existence of the mechanical theory of atoms of Anaxagoras. He believes that real happiness only comes with the gods because the gods are the most real things in existence. When you recollect more knowledge, you can pass on and become closer to the gods after each death and become happier. Socrates hypothesizes that the more you give in to physical sensations then the more likely you will be pull down to the ground of earth, and you will not be able to get to the gods. The sensations in the physical world only allow you to feel happy since they are not the most real of things as they are subject to change over time. Socrates come to the conclusion that nobody really wants a bad thing. They come to this conclusion by noting that people who desire bad things mistakingly believe them to be good. For example, a drug addict may desire and feel good for a temporary amount of time, but the drug may lead to their misery. So Socrates and Meno conclude that no one wants bad things in order to feel miserable, and therefore no one wishes to feel miserable and by pursuing bad things. In Meno’s definition of virtue, he states that the power of obtaining goods is a measure of virtue. However, Socrates counters this by noting that obtainment of feeling goods and pleasure is

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