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Socrates There are many subjects to choose from that took place before the year 1500; Civilizations, art, wars, people, etc. When I began to ponder which I would write on I decided that I would go with someone that was old school, someone who changed the world early in its history. Many names came up, but only one caught my full attention, and that person was the great Greek philosopher Socrates. I decided that I would research the man and headed to the library. When I got to New Holland, I realized that I had forgotten my Resource Worksheet... So I went back to my house, grabbed that sucker and went back to the library. I began searching for information (with a little help from the librarian) and found my four sources; a book, an article, an encyclopedia, and a website (check Bibliography). The first task was completed, then it was onto the second portion which was the evaluation of the sources then transferring that information to the Resource Worksheet. Ok, I know this sounds boring, but worry not, because I am now going to tell you what I found in these sources. The book titled “The Religious Dimensions of Socrates’ Thought,” written by James Beckman turned out to be one of the most useless sources on the face of the planet, for me anyways. Mr. Beckman is a little too smart for his own good, seriously though. I read most of the book and I now feel dumber than when I started. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh, I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. The majority of what he was explaining came from other stories in which he didn’t relay, so unless you’re a master in philosophy then you would need to go back and find these stories to read, and then go back and read Beckman; that is how it looks to me anyways. He does however use passages from the tales in which I

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