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First Assignment: Plato In the reading it goes on talking about the views of the just and the unjust between Socrates and Thrasymachus. They talk about the strength and advantages of both being either or and the benefits that come with them. To further get the points they question each other on what it means to be just or unjust even if the right or wrong answer comes it still brings more staggering and very touchy issue if their points can back up what they trying to get through. On the side of thrasymachus uses an example of that of shepherd’s relations to his herd. He uses this example tell that the herder will only look after his herd for his own benefit and well being which is an advantage of the shepherd cause he will be able to feed himself and his wants with the herd. As to the unjust the herd will not have a good shepherd to look after them and the attention they might need. For in the eyes of the shepherd is to get what he needs from the herd without looking out for the herd itself. So for thrasymachus he believes the one who has the advantage is the stronger due to fact that the unjust man can do wrong to the simple minded to get what he wants for his own interests. He further explains himself in example of if a person with no intentions to do wrong go into a deal with a person who does will never have more than that of the person’s intention is to get more than that of the other. This is true in today’s time if a lawyer defends a criminal or a person who did wrong were to make a false accusation against an innocent victim the intention of the lawyer is to win the lawsuit, and make a profit no matter if he knows that one he is defending did wrong. Thrasymachus goes on talking about how the wrong doer will always at times be happy because he has gotten what he wants with doing maybe nothing at all as like the just man can probably do everything right and

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