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Critical Philosophy Presentation: Socrates on Religion HSA020C110A 2011 ------------------------------------------------- Socrates on Religion Introduction * Presentation is about Socrates on religion * I will present the following * What the Euthyphro imply about the relationship between piety and justice Conclusion | AIMS * To Define piety, justice and religion * To understand a brief concept analysis * Debate on what the Euthyphro imply about the relationship between piety and justice * Analysis * Conclusion | What is Piety, Justice & Religion Piety: Anything treasured by the gods Justice: An exercise of honest and equality (Euthyphro)Religion: to be genuinely & holistically practiced (Bradley1846-1924: 4) A plain devotion and respect of God (Tiele | Why is Piety, Justice and Religion important to some other people? Piety: washes off immoral stains and purifies pollution Justice: maintains order, fairness and equality (Euthyphro)Religion: stabilises mental state, brings societies together (Psychologists) (Sociologists) (Peoples & Bailey 2009) | Euthyphro’s 1st definition: incriminating a murderer 2nd Anything pleasing to the gods 3rd All that is wanted by the gods is pious and all that they hate is impious 4th ‘’pious is a class of the species justice’’ Socrates’s suggestion: Socrates disapproved all of Euthyphro’s definitions. Used his irony to look down on his ignorance and Socratic method to pretend not knowing what he knows. Socrates replies to definitions or debates because they seem to develop

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