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Task One – Theoretical Perspectives Assessment Criteria 1.1 & 3.1 (4.1) 1) Describe your understanding of the term ‘sociology’ Sociology is the study of how society is organized and how we experience life (British sociological 2014). Sociology is the academic study of society, the roles individuals play in society and the role of society itself. Studying the individuals and institutions that make up society, and the various things that influence their lives such as family, religion, gender, ethnicity and social class. Sociologist gather information and evidence then offer explications on a wide range of differing sociological issues. By doing this, sociology can apply this research and help predict the outcome of various human interactions and why they happen. Word count: 86 2) Describe the core features of positivist theory Positivism is the more scientific approach to sociology. An approach to knowledge based on “positive” facts as opposed to mere speculation (Pearson education 2011).Positivists requires the quantative data collected be reliable and as such be replicated. The issue is that individuals react to their environment, and knowing they are being observed will automatically change the way in which they react. Positivism also works on the assumptions that society has structures already in place and each individual, fits into that structure so that there is not a lot of flexibility. Positivists also look at the more macro level of society taking into account whole institutions but this ignores the individual, their role and influence. Word count: 110 3) Describe the core features of interpretivist theory Interprativists argue the opposite to this. Believing that scientific methods cannot be used to measure society, as humans think, reflect and adapt. They focus on the micro

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