Sociology: Study of the Society

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Sociology: The study of society Inam Rashiq Siraj (Eric) Student # 100983440 SOCI 1001D Instructor: Tamy Superle TA name: Valerie Luchak Date: 06/10/2014 Sociology is the study of the society. To be more precise, it is the study of social interactions between individuals, their relationship with social agencies and institutions etc. in a scientific or systematic manner with logical thinking at the core of it, which draws knowledge from the many other social science subjects in order to provide an understanding of ourselves and the societies we live in (Knutilla, Sociology as the study of structure and agency, p.12). Society is “any group of individuals who have more or less conscious relations to each other” (Ellwood C. A, Sociology and modern sociological problems, 1910, p.8). Relations can entail casual encounters or something deeper like family bonding. Sociologies role is to study the encounters or relations between the individuals, agencies, governments etc. and examine and deduct by scientific methodology why we behave the way we do. It also studies how we shape our own society from our moral values, ethics and beliefs and also how sociology enforces such variables into our own life (Knutilla, Sociology as the study of structure and agency, p.12-13). Sociology was introduced by Auguste Comte in eighteenth century when the Western Europe was reforming to a capitalistic society from a feudalistic one, which caused changes in all aspects of life. To understand these changes and how it affected individuals of the society, sociology emerged (Knutilla, Science, theory and the origins of Sociology, p.13). Modern sociology starts from understanding ourselves, our behaviour, habits and linking it to our past and making sense of how society has made us to be who we are today as C. Wright Mills explains in “The Sociological Imagination” (1959)
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