Sociology Some Moral Minima

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"Some Moral Minima," HHS 310 H & HS Culture: The Helping Relationship Corrine Marshall Instructor: Joe Johnson November 15, 2012 "Some Moral Minima," There are moral decisions that are made every day. Some are big, some are small, some are right and some are wrong. Is it possible that some things are simply wrong? Is the world ruled by a universal code of moral obligations? In some “Moral Minima” Goodman looks at four areas of relativism and morality implying that there are some things that are simply wrong. While reading this article I found that I agreed that Goodman is right about certain things being wrong. In this paper I will document what Goodman found while at the international meeting of philosophers. The first thing that I have found that Goodman is correct about is people target a group and then blame them for something bad that happens or happened. There are people that are targeted from others. There are four references in this article that shows relativism and morality. There are some people that are prejudice against the gender, color, language, class, and educational achievement. That alone is wrong. People thought that the colored was only good for cleaning and taking care of the white’s children. “Racial prejudice, or any invidiousness that ritualizes exclusion, marks a victim category, singles out a type by sex or color, language, class, or educational attainment (as in the Cambodia of the killing fields or the China of Mao’s Cultural Revolution) is wrong, unfair, before a drop of blood is shed for the shining ideal to be polished in its name.” (L. Goodman 2010)” People think that mass murder is different from any criminal slaying of a targeted victim. The first area is genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare. According to Goodman
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