Sociology Pp Essay

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1. (a) What is meant by the term socialisation? [2] Two marks for a clear and accurate definition, such as: ‘the social process by which people learn norms and values and a distinct sense of self’. One mark for a partial definition. (b) Describe two examples of gender socialisation within the family. [4] Wide range of possible examples, such as different dress codes, toys, games, forms of discipline and regulations for girls and boys. One mark for the example plus one mark for development (2 x 2 marks). (c) Explain how a child learns to interact with other people. [8] 5-8 Answers at this level will demonstrate a good understanding of the question, with links to relevant sociological material such as G. H. Mead’s account of how children learn through interaction with others. Well-chosen references to psychological theories of cognitive development, such as the work of Piaget, may also provide a relevant backdrop for answering the question. At the top of the band the explanation will be detailed and well focused on the importance of the interaction process itself. (d) Assess the claim that sociologists have exaggerated the importance of socialisation in shaping human behaviour. [11] 5-8 Answers that are limited solely or mainly to a sound account of the functionalist theory of socialisation would merit the lower part of this band. Higher in the band other theories of socialisation may feature alongside or in place of the functionalist theory. Answers may tend to assume that socialisation is a key factor in shaping human behaviour rather than attempting to demonstrate this point explicitly and/or to challenge it in some way. If there is any explicit assessment, it may be carried through a simple account of the cases of so-called feral children.
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