Sociology Points Essay

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How has postmodernism impacted on sociology according to Steve Taylor? A term used to describe the current period in society. It is said by many sociologist that modernity is being replaced by a postmodern world. 1) IDENTITIY 2) WORK 3) CULTURE 4) GLOBALISATION 5) KNOWLEDGE In the past 20 years some trends and developments have been spotted by sociologists showing that modernity is no longer: THESE HAVE 3 MAIN CONCEQUENCES: * Most sociology is explaining the nature and organisation of modern societies and social institutions but the main things that support such things are no longer seen as relevant (family, gender and class) * Functionalism and Marxism have been redundant because ‘knowledge’ isn’t claimed to be a universal ‘truth’ and is now judged in terms of its usefulness. Judgements about what is are no longer seen as claims with expert knowledge as in postmodern societies, relativity and uncertainty have replaced these judgements. * - Sociologists could no longer claim they know the best for societies. Sociology is one set of idead challenging with others and they all have something relevant to offer but its up to the individual if they want to listen to sociologists and act on this. ------------------------------------------------- Steve Taylor argues that society has transformed into “something similar to an endless shopping mall where people no have much greater choice about how they look, what they consume and what they believe in.” Identity In the past your identity was seen through your class background, family life, area you live in and so on but now its seen more through the clothes you wear, genre of music and the car you
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