Sociology of the Workplace Essay

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In the United States we have 3 different types of theoretical analysis when it comes to the different types of workers and work. They are the Structural-Functional Analysis, the Symbolic-Functional Analysis, and the Social Conflict Analysis. When it comes to the Structural-Functional Analysis our world is changing rapidly due to the constant change and advancement of technology. This is both helping the workforce as well as hurting it. It is helping the workforce by making production and efficiency faster and more accurate. People are having to go back to school to take classes to keep up with the changes in technology which in turn opens up more teaching jobs. It hurts the workforce by laying off workers how are now replaced by computers, machines, and robots. The Symbolic-Interaction Analysis focuses on how people define or do not define themselves though their work. People in professions such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and architects identify themselves as so. They are happy to go to work each day, because they are paid well and have high chance for advancement. These people are known to work in the primary labor market. People who do not work in such professions and do not like their jobs do not identify themselves with their jobs. These individuals work in what is called the secondary labor market. This job market offers lower pay and less chance for advancement. People who work in this market clock-in and watch the clock all day waiting anxiously for it to be time to clock-out. The Social-Conflict Analysis show how unequal the work place can be. The richest people in the United States do not work much if at all instead they own everything and hire people to run everything for them. These people get richer and richer off the work of other people. This is known as a capitalist society and we in the United States live in one. This system creates wealth for

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