Sociology of Poverty, Reflections Paper

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Sociology of Poverty Professor Esparza Spring 2015 Peter J.Shutt Final Reflection Paper Portland State University Due: June 11, 2015 Shutt 1 Sociology of Poverty, Final Reflection Paper This class is one of three classes that was an upper division elective which would satisfy my undergrad degree requirements for graduation. As I searched the curriculum for these electives the words sociology and poverty jumped from the screen of the computer into my mind. I knew that this would be information I could relate to as well as being more informed about the people in whom I associate with, due to my financial situation of living at the poverty level with a mental health disability. I felt that I had something to share, which I did, hoping that I would link it to the classroom assignments. I appreciated the discussion assignments, as is reflected in my grades, nearly all 100%. I will now be completing this assignment by answering the questions in the syllabus for this the last paper due. 1. What was the most important thing you learned from doing this project? There were many important things I learned from doing our project, however, I would have to say that the most important thing is that you should avoid entering the class of poverty at all costs. Once you enter into it you begin living in a place that is so different you may as well be living on another planet. Poverty is a sub-culture in our society as it does not resemble in anyway what the rest of America looks like and acts like. For example, Oakland, California is a heavily populated area of poverty. In that city a language is spoken, called Ebonics. “Ebonics is the language of African-American Ancestry, struggle, pain, intelligence, love, mercy,

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