Sociology Of Inequality Essay

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Personal Biography Through a Sociological Lens As I thought about our class I realized that in comparison to most of my fellow classmates I have really lived two lives while they are just beginning theirs. I lived for twenty-two years in poverty, despair and addiction and almost exactly twenty two years later my life is completely different. Essentially I have lived two lives filled with many different experiences that have led me to who I am today. The first half of my journey at times was very difficult, in fact so difficult at certain points that I thought I might not survive. But survive I have through many of life’s obstacles and in fact some may even call me triumphant. I have overcome obstacles in spite of my life chances, and in spite of the huge mountains I had to climb. Some are not so fortunate, I have known so many who have not been able to overcome and beat the odds. There are so many people who are left behind unable to overcome and pull themselves out. In the beginning of this course when we looked at the distribution of wealth in this country I found myself feeling sick to my stomach. I was aware that there were huge disparities but to actually see the numbers was mind-blowing. So much inequality and the people who are affected by it the most are virtually powerless to change it. The poor who struggle everyday just to survive have no voice but continue to live under the false assumption of the American dream that we are living in a democratic society and one person equals one vote. In Who Rules America we see who really gets the vote. We are able to see that the power and control are given to those with the most wealth, the top 1% who hold all the wealth and the power. We are introduced to the concept of Richistan and Broadland and got to see how the huge disparities have come into play. The top 1% maintains all the wealth and the power to make
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