sociology of gender Essay

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Historical Perspectives on women’s work • Family-based economy o First period (seventeenth-to early eighteenth century) o Farming, agriculture o Labor depended on class and marital status • Family-wage economy o Second period (mid-eighteenth) o Advanced capitalism • Factory system o Money • Family-consumer economy o Third period (present) o Mass production • Ideology and the history of women’s work o Ideology-a belief system that seeks to explain and justify the status quo o The cult of true womanhood • Popularized in 19th century • Glorified women’s ideal place at the home where women were seen as having a moral calling to serve their families o Order, system and efficiency What is work • Social structure of work-how the social patterns of gender, class, and race shape work experiences • Emotional labor-referring to the work people do in managing the emotions of others o Ex: airline flight attendant Economic restructuring, class, and gender stratification • Gender stratification-hierarchical distribution of economic and social resources along the lines of gender o Form of social stratification-process by which groups or individuals in a society ate arrayed in a hierarchy based on their differential access to the social and economic resources of a given society • Economic restructuring o a multidimensional process of change in the nation’s economy • 1. The transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy • 2. Increasing globalization • 3. Technological change • 4. Increasing concentration of capital (i.e. economic resources) in the hands of a few o it fundamentally altering the work people do o global assembly line/international division of labor-manufacturing jobs relocated averseas • Contingent workers-include those who are temporary employees, contract workers and part time workers o 1/3 labor force the

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