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Sociology Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: amanda0rose
  • on December 3, 2013
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Understanding Social Behavior
  * Sociology – the study of human behavior and society – Focuses on groups but not individuals
      * Sociologists study a broad range of phenomena
        * From small group interactions and the meaning of cultural symbols to large scale economic shifts
        * Micro- vs. Macro- Sociology
        * Connection between the individual and society
  * The “Sociological Imagination”
      * C. Wright Mills, “The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society.”
      * To view our individual lives in the context of large, powerful, historically conditioned social forces
  * The Individual vs. Social Structures
      * How do we usually explain one’s behavior?
        * Going to war – prove patriotism, among other reasons
        * Divorce – no passion, to develop potential partner
        * College students’ suicide – to escape depression
      * How should we explain group behavior?
        * Going to war – society teaches us to be patriotic
        * Divorce – social trend towards sexual equality
        * Suicide – pervasive societal expectations of academic performance
      * What is a social structure?
        * Patterns of social relationships
  * Groups/Society   Individual Behavior
      * Groups and society shape individual behavior
      * Individual behavior creates groups and society
      * Going to college – your personal decision?
      * Joining a gang – a social act providing some young men and women with a sense of security
  * Sociologists Focus on…
      * The individual or the group?
      * Individual behavior or patterns of group behavior?
      * Personal motivation or social forces?
      * The effect social structures have on people or the effect people have on social structure?
  * Sociological Theories
      * What does a theory do?
        * It explains reality
        * Each theory...

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