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Sociology Imagination Essay

  • Submitted by: erds78
  • on November 19, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sociological Imagination
Trying to find employment can be very difficult for any person of any race, and gender.   Not only personal factors applied to me while trying to find a job, but also environmental factors hindered my ability to find employment.   I grew up in a very small town of less than five-thousand people, a community that has no industry to speak of, so finding a job was difficult.
The town of Ottawa is a very rural community with the majority of employment being family owned and operated farms.   Now my family did not farm land we just owned livestock so I couldn’t just work there I had to seek employment.   Well at this point in time money was really tight in Ottawa, so finding employment was very difficult.   This was due to being a farming community farmers would just work more themselves to get the jobs done rather than hiring it done.  
So instead I turned my attention to trying to get a job up town at the local subway.   After putting in my application I received a phone call saying I did not get the job, I later found out they hired this other girl.   Well I was talking to one of my classmates who was also a girl working at subway, and she told me that I had the better application but the manager only hires women.   This made me feel much degraded.  
There are many of different sociological factors that play in everybody’s day to day lives. This is one experience I had where not only did environmental factors affect me finding employment but also personal as well.

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