Sociology Glossary Essay

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A Absolute Poverty Poverty defined as lacking the minimum requirements necessary to maintain human health.See also relative poverty. Achieved Status Status which is achieved through an individual’s own efforts. See also ascribed status. Ageism Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against individuals or groups on the grounds of their age. Ageing Population A population in which the average age is getting higher, with a greater proportion of the population over retirement age, and a smaller proportion of young people. Agenda-setting The media’s influence over the issues that people think about because the agenda, or list of subjects, for public discussion is laid down by the mass media. Age-set Groups of people of a similar age, who have shared status and roles. The transition from one age status to the next is often accompanied by a rite of passage. Aid Economic military, technical and financial assistance given (or loaned) to developing countries. Alienation A lack of power, control, fulfilment and satisfaction experienced by workers in a capitalist society where the means of producing goods are privately owned and controlled. Anomie A sense of normlessness, confusion and uncertainty over social norms, often found in periods of rapid social change and other disruptions of the routines and traditions of everyday social life. Anti-capitalist Movement A collectivity of a wide range of groups, united in their stand against the social inequality and exploitation fostered by capitalism. Anti-globalization movement A loose network of groups and organizations globally opposing neo-liberal economic globalization (but using globalized communications). Anti-school Subculture A set of values, attitudes and behaviour in oppo¬sition to the main aims of a school. Apartheid A system whereby society is divided on the basis of ethnic grouping, more

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