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Socialization is the process involved when young children start to become aware of society and are learning how they are supposed to behave, some scientists believe that children are born with some idea of what they are supposed to know, or how they are supposed to act. That they are not predetermined by their environment; Scientist came up with strong evidence stating that their environment and their biological makeup shape people’s behavior. Social Control is the process that regulates individual and/ or group behavior. It’s the basic set of rules that causes conformity. Social control was set in motion to prevent chaos. There are 2 types of social control formal and informal; formal social control is expressed through laws and rules against deviant behavior usually set by the government. Informal social control is enforced by disapproval sarcasm and shame, informal social control usually has more of an impact because its more personal and it shapes a persons character more so then formal control. Social norms are the expected behavior within a society or group; it has been defines as “ The rules that a group uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. These rules may be explicit or implicit. Failure to follow the rules can result in severe punishments, including exclusion from the group” they are basically the rules and customs that go along with interacting with others. Social norms are the approved and unapproved way of doing things such as what you wear, how you speak. Social norms can very depending on your social group, where you live and your age group. Social norms tend to be established through body language and non-verbal communication between people. If you do not conform to the social norms of the environment around you, consequences may appear like lack of popularity or becoming an outcast. Values

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