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Exam Question: Using Material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the view that the working-class children under-achieve because they’re culturally deprived. According to cultural deprivation theorist, they argue that many working-class families fail to socialise their children sufficiently, which leads to them growing up “culturally deprived”. The meaning of “culturally deprived” means not having the basic cultural equipment, such as language, self-discipline and reasoning skills. Cultural deprivation theorist uses 3 aspect to argue why working class children are more likely to be under achieving in education compare to middle class children. The 3 main aspects are intellectual development, language and attitudes and values. The first aspect of cultural deprivation is intellectual develop. This refers to thinking and reasoning skills, for example solving problems or to be able to think of an idea or a concept. Cultural deprivation theorist argues that many working-class children lack intellectual development, this is due to having lack of books, educational toys and activities that would help their intellectual development at a young age and further on. J.W.B Douglas (1964) found out that working-class children scored lowers on a test based on ability compare to middle-class children. He concluded that it was because working-class parents are less likely to support their children in their educational needs compare to a middle-class parents who would ensure that their children are provided with everything they need to be educational successful. Another study that was conducted by Bernstein and Young (1967) supported the conclusion of J.W.B Douglas. They concluded that the way that mothers think and choose toys has an impact on their children’s intellectual development. It was found that middle-class parents were more likely to pick out toys that would help

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