Sociology: Effects of Social Networking Essay

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Sociology 2001 Extra Credit: April 19th 2012 I think the author argument is exactly what he states throughout this whole article. People are beginning to isolate themselves in life because of the Internet and social networking. This is not good. People who become socially dependent on the Internet begin to rely on nobody but himself or herself. Internet users begin to use their “friendships” on Facebook as their real friends in life. They begin to communicate with their “friends” through the Internet solely, which begins to distance people from each other. This makes people become lonelier throughout life because their only communication is through the computer. You don’t really communicate with people; you don’t really show your emotions or express your outlooks completely. You are confined to the computer screen and that then becomes your “friend.” The computer is your relationships. Talking through a computer on social networks allows you to express yourself very easily. Your emotions and feelings aren’t necessarily expressed precisely through your computer screen. You say what you want without any repercussions and surely your not considering how what you are saying is affecting the people your are communicating with. The danger of this problem is isolation. We will begin to become more and more isolated from people as time goes on. Even the people who don’t use social networking will begin to feel the repercussions. Odds are that someone in their circle of friends uses online networking, which would then lead to the isolation of user. Friends begin to lose concrete relationships with real friends and begin to replace them with abstract relationships that they gain over the Internet
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