Invitation To Sociology Peter Berger Analysis

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Sociology as an Individual Pastime Peninsula College Abstract This paper introduces the student’s interpretation of the first chapter in Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective by Peter L. Berger. Berger explains that conventional wisdom and the sociological studies are different than other academic practices. Sociologists believe our civilization is a large, collection of complex human relationships and their attendant systems of interaction. Berger says that sociology defines the objective meaning of human interaction within our homes, organizations, and communities. Sociologists concern themselves with issues that most people might find boring, but the goal of sociology is to focus on the ultimate importance of what men…show more content…
In reading Invitation to Sociology, I found that Berger is consistently explaining the difference of the terms society, social, and social problems. Berger is saying that there are different levels to each of these three terms to which one can see behind and through our social structures. For me to have a better understanding of sociology, I found it necessary to define sociology in my own mind. To me, sociology is the study of society and the human behavior within it, without allowing my biases to overly influence what I see. Berger gives an example that helps me understand it better. “Two men talking on a street corner are not considered a society, (Berger, 1963) [but the behavior is considered social.] “Society consists of a number of social events like this” (Berger, 1963). Berger also gives another example from the economic world. “A manager at an industrial plant will prepare charts that show how the company is organized and show that every man in the organization has his place. A sociologist will be more concerned with trying to break through these official versions of reality and try to find out what goes on below with the worker”
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