Sociology American Family Essay

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The Changing American Society Traditionally the ideal American family consisted of a mom, dad, and kids with their family dog. This is the family you're taught to have and supposed to want. Over the years there has been a change in what a family looks like in the American society. There are many factors that bought these changes into what an ideal family is supposed to look like and what it actually looks like now. In the real world most families consist of single moms, stepfamilies, and homosexual couples. Martin O'Connell, chief of fertility and family statistics at the U.S. Census Bureau, states that these changes are a result of two key factors. First, more babies are born out of wedlock, and second, the divorce rates are increasing yearly (Beam, 2005). Divorce rates and babies born out of wedlock have directly influenced the American society by increasing poverty rates hence interfering with the growth development of these children. It has been reported that Single mothers are on a rise and currently one-third of all babies are born out of wedlock (Beam, 2005). The fact that the society has been welcoming relationships out of wedlock has been the reason for the rise of babies born out of wedlock. Traditionally, it was out of norm to see a couple live together without being married, but now it has become the normal norm. However, this change is causing many difficulties for these mothers and their children. Facing poverty has become very common for single mothers and their children. The main reason for this is due to lack of health insurance. Statistics show that about 8.4 million children that come from the untraditional families lack basic health insurance and there are around 11 million children living below the poverty line (Beam, 2005). This is an enormous number of children who are being denied healthcare and facing the low life of poverty all

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