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Durkheim s Durkheim’s Study of Suicide ‘Le Suicide’ 1896 Emile Durkheim (1858 1917) (1858-1917) • Wid l regarded as a POSITIVIST Widely d d • Some aspects of Durkheim’s work will be used to illustrate the positivist approach • This classic study is seen as a model of positivist research and methodology REMEMBER Positivism?! • This is the view that sociology should be studied scientifically in the same way as the natural sciences • Hypothetico-deductive method?!! (cause and effect relationships) Why Suicide? 1. Sociology in late 19th Century was becoming established and Durkheim wanted to show how his approach was superior to others 2. 2 Thus showing that sociology can explain things in a way in which no other discipline could ld E.g. psychological explanations Why Suicide? 3. According to Durkheim, suicide can occur for p personal reasons, but it cannot account for the suicide rate 4. 4 Availability of suicide statistics from Europe (to be seen as rigorous as other sciences) 5. To show cause and effect relationships Durkheim s Durkheim’s aims • Action is shaped by society • Sociology must be more than speculation (it must support its claims with evidence e.g. statistics) • Sociological theories must go beneath the surface of phenomena and find hidden underlying causes of behaviour Types of suicide Determined by relationships between individuals y and society Main Pattern Suicide S i id rates are d dependant upon the d d h degree to which individuals were integrated into society and the degree to which society regulates individual behaviour Types of suicide 1. Altruistic - Excess/integration 2. Anomic - Insufficient regulation 3. Egoistic – insufficient integration 4. Fatalistic – excess regulation Egoistic Suicide • Individual being insufficiently integrated into g p y the social groups and society • E.g. explains difference in suicide rates of

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