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Gloria o.taylor introduction to sociology project 1 Date: 02/04/2011 prof: tyler everstsen Gloria o.taylor introduction to sociology project 1 Date: 02/04/2011 prof: tyler everstsen After talking to three people and interviewing them, two people will love to consider a career in sociology one said no why? Sociology is the study society and human interactions. As a sociologist we study social class, socioeconomic status, sociology of medicine/ gender/ race/ criminology and much more. The goal of sociology is to find the why, for instance; why are women being arrested more in today’s world than in history. Sociologist conduct study's and surveys to find the causes for social problems; such as why so many people live in poverty, why are so many impoverished people in jail. The answer, many people in jail are of low socioeconomic status, meaning they live in poverty. People living in poverty often have nowhere to turn to get the things they need for their family, so they commit more crimes in order to get by. It is all interconnected in some way. Sociology is the social science that attempts to understand the problems of society, and find solutions. Everyone is part of sociology whether or not you are aware of it. If you exist in any given society, then you are part of sociology. You may even be a subject in a sociology study, sociologist conduct studies on a regular basis to find out information about the people and their experiences in society. The immediate goal of sociology is to acquire knowledge about society like all the sciences. However, sociology is not content with descriptions, exhibitions and analysis. It has a more remote and ultimate purpose. The final questions to which sociology addresses itself are those that have to do with the nature of human experience and this earth and the succession of societies over the long centuries of

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