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Explain what is meant by the “social construction” of childhood. (2 marks) Sociologists argue that childhood is socially constructed; this means that the characteristics of childhood were influenced and made by the actions of member of society. It only exists because people define it as childhood. Suggest two ways, apart from those mentioned in item 2A, in which government policies and/or laws may shape the experiences of children today. (4 marks) Children are now protected from harm like child abuse. There are policies like The Children act 1989 + 2004 which reinforces the safeguarding of children. This allows children to have rights and feel safer at home and in external environments. Also, the welfare state provides a wide range of benefits to help parents care for children. These benefits allow the children to enjoy a higher quality of life as they are able to have the basic needs like clothes. Identify three reasons why the birth rate has fallen since 1990. (6 marks) More women are now in paid employment and prioritise working. This suggests women want to be in a stable state before having children, or are focused on other things. Also there are now changes in attitudes towards women and families. Women now have more opportunities than the past and it’s socially accepted that they don’t have to be housewife’s, they have a larger say. Lastly, better education teaches girls about contraption and abortions, so they have more control over their fertility as they are more easily accessible now. Education also allows woman to be motivated into getting a good career. Examine the reasons for, and the effects of, changes in the family size over the past 100 years or so. (24 marks) There have been many changes involving families, firstly some changes in adult relationships may include; fewer marriages, more divorces, cohabitation etc There are also less

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