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Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: brenny2013
  • on May 22, 2014
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Acting as if you were a psychologist, describe how you would conduct that 1 of the major types of assessments?
I would conduct it verbal and face to face.   What does the client tell you? How much information are they willing to provide? Para-verbal- How does the client speak? At normal pace, tone, volume, inflection? What is their command of English, how well do they choose their words? Do they pick up on non-verbal cues. Situation—Is the client cooperative? Is their participation voluntary?
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each type of assessment.
The main advantage of interviews is that the researcher can adapt the questions as necessary, clarify doubt and ensure that the responses are properly understood, by repeating or rephrasing the questions. The researcher/interviewer can also pick up nonverbal cues from the person.. Any discomfort, stress and problems that the respondent experiences can be detected through frowns, nervous taping and other body language, unconsciously exhibited by any person
The main disadvantages of face-to-face interviews are the geographically limitations they may impose on the surveys and the vast resources needed if such surveys need to be done nationally or internationally. The costs of training interviewers to minimize interviewer's biases for example differences in questioning methods, interpretation of response are also high. Another drawback is that respondents might feel uneasy about the anonymity of their responses when they interact face to face interviews.

Which method of personality assessment do you think is likely to be most informative? Think of circumstances where one kind of assessment might be more effective than the others.
I feel an interview would be the most informative. Your able to have face to face one on one conversation. It lets you pick up on non-verbal vs verbal communication. I would be more comfortable with a interview that any other   method.

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