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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Through class discussion and debates, lectures, videos and student research, this course will examine how individuals are shaped by society. The principles, methods and theories of sociology will be used to examine the norms, values, beliefs and material conditions of our lives. Culture, socialization, inequality, race and ethnic relations are among the topics covered. Classes will normally be conducted as lecture/discussion, with an occasional class exercise and feature presentation, which may include videos, debates, and guest speakers. Individual student reading, research, inquiry and completion of assignments are important vehicles for the acquisition of the competencies stated in the separate handout. Each student will be expected to participate in class discussions. PREREQUISITE: None COMPETENCY: 022N To identify the contribution of knowledge related to Social Science disciplines to the understanding of the human phenomena. In partial fulfillment of the requirements of this course, students will write an essay of a minimum of 750 words. OBJECTIVES (what students need to KNOW) and STANDARDS (what students need to DO) 1. To comprehend the development of the body of sociological knowledge. • Describe early sociological thinkers. • Describe the social conditions, which led to the development of sociology. • Explain the development of sociology in Western European culture. • Describe the development of sociology in the United States. • Describe the development of sociology in Canada and Québec. 2. To comprehend the major sociological patterns, trends, concepts, theories, methods and other key aspects that determine sociological knowledge. • Distinguish between common sense knowledge and sociological scientific knowledge. • Apply the principle sociological

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