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Class conflict The sociological research question the author has chosen is why class conflict exists in Irish society. In this essay, the author will put forward reasons for class conflict, how to reduce it in Ireland and provide examples of class conflict in Ireland Marx ideas will be mentioned throughout this essay. Class is groups in a society. Class has always existed in Ireland. In modern societies, wealth, income, education and political beliefs are important factors in relation to class position. Marx believes that class is defined by property ownership. How much property one owns decides which class you are in. All societies include two social classes that compete for means of production (land, labour, capitalism and enterprise). One class controls the means of production. ‘Marx called the elite or ruling class the bourgeoisie. The other class is the working class, or the proletariat.’(J.F Healey 1996, p15) Class conflict between these classes is inevitable. The result of this class struggle would be the victory of the working class. It is estimated that 45% of Europeans are middle class. The reasons for class conflict in Ireland are capitalism, indirect labour, (poverty, social inequality), social stratification religion and the economy. Capitalism can be defined as a scheme of wage labour and commodity production for sale, profit and exchange without the immediate need of producers. The struggle begins between the capitalists and the workers. Employees can be overworked with low wages for the benefit of making the employer more wealthy. ‘Increases in working class power adversely affect capitalist-class interests until such power crosses some intermediate threshold beyond which further increases in working class power are potentially beneficial to capitalists.’ (Wright 2000, p.597) Businesses by nature want to make maximum profit, which means

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