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Sociology Essay

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  • on March 14, 2009
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Sociology 206: Social Problems and Issues
• Sociology is the scientific study of human social activity, including individuals, groups, and organizations.
o Exploration of how society is organized and our social structure.
• Sociologists
o Emphasize use of sociological imagination (ability to see connections between individual events and their social and historic context)
• Social Problem is…
o A condition that a segment of society views as harmful to members of society and in need of remedy.
o Doesn’t require that a majority of people be affected by it.
• Personal vs. Social Problems
o Causes of the problem => is it an individual or the structure?
o Consequences of the problem vary in accordance.
o Coping with the problem => how we deal with it varies depending on which it is.        
o Ex: Education, change it from an individual issue (pay for it yourself) to social (help them out w/ loans and scholarships).
Personal Problem Social Problem
Cause Due to personal inadequacies. Due, in part, to social attitudes, values, norms, institutions.
Consequence Results in guilt, sense of inadequacy. Results in collective action focusing on factors outside individuals.
Coping Action Escape mechanisms, drinking, psychosis. Ends in amelioration or the problem as attitudes and institutions change.

Ex: Rape
Personal Problem Social Problem
Cause Due to personal inadequacies; wayward behavior, asked for it, etc. Due, in part, to social attitudes about women and men
Consequence Results in guilt in the victim and impunity for the offender. Results in collective action- education of pubic, criminal justice personnel.
Coping Action Ends in no action and continuation of the problem. Ends in amelioration or the problem as attitudes and institutions change.

o If only person –blame:
 Frees institutions from responsibility.
 Allows well-off to retain their advantages.
 Assumes people have total control over their own fate.
o If only...

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