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External Feedback Request Form Background An integral part of the British Council's performance management approach is to request feedback from external stakeholders they work with. You have been nominated to provide short written comments on their performance and I am writing to ask if you would contribute your feedback and return it to me within 3 weeks, by completing the form below. Feedback guidance Feedback is used to improve performance. It is intended that the feedback is honest, specific, constructive and evidence based. Your feedback will support continued learning and development for the individual. It will be discussed with them and treated confidentially. The individual may request to see the completed form. When providing feedback, I would be grateful if you could consider: • Their communication and interpersonal skills • Their approach to meeting your business needs • The commitment they demonstrated towards the project or area of work • The quality and impact of their work. |Feedback request for: |Ammar Ahmed(Venue Supervisor OPF Boys College) | |Your name: |Aniza Nazir |School: |Roots College International | |Deliverable |Delighting the Candidates | | | | |Please state the extent to which they met the deliverable by answering the questions below | |Did he

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