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SOCIOLOGY WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY AND WHY ARE COMMON SENSE IDEAS NOT USUALLY REGARDED AS SOCIOLOGICAL? Sociology is the planned and organised study of human groups and social life in modern societies.It uses a lot of different methods in order to investigate the way society works and why humans do the things they do as a society.Sociology is a very broad term that covers a wide range of areas.It enables us to understand the structure and dynamics of society.Sociology looks at the social lives of individual groups or people and entire societies.It takes a look at and studies our social behaviours and social processes that span the entire planet.It studies social aggregations from a scientific point of veiw to look at the groups and social circles that people move through during the course of their lives. Sociology tries to understand how various social institutions operate and how they relate to one another such as the influence the family might have on how well children perform in the education system. Most people think that Sociology is just common sense and something that everyone knows about however this is very mistaken as common sense is based on our own personal experience and understanding.Common sense does not always accurately predict or reflect reality.Common sense is merely assumed information;many ideas that people as a whole believe to be true have been proven false when placed under the sociological eye.One example is the idea that the higher percentage of alcoholics in a population with a greater number of citizens who consume alcohol.This has been proven false by sociologists who state that many cultures that have higher consumption of alcohol has lower rates of alcoholism.This could be due to many reasons,such as the fact that when people grow up with a certain substance that is readily available,they are less likely to abuse the substance later in

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