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Chapter 1 Haley Westbrook September 6th, 2012 References: Sociology uses three different perspectives to understand the social behavior on how different issues are related on one. In each three perspectives they have their own focuses that separate them from each other. The three perspectives were going to mainly focus on are the symbolic interactionism, functionalism, and the conflict theory. By the time you’re done reading this you’re going to know exactly who identified each and the divorce for each perspective of sociologist. Symbolic interactionism: George H. Mead (1863-1931) was a sociologist who was drawn on the behaviorist theory that argued that behavior was based on a pattern of stimulus and response. He believed that in order to understand the individual, you must first understand the group and that the mind intervenes between the stimulus and the response to provide the increasingly complex forms of action. Symbolic interactionism focuses on the use of symbols and the face-to-face interactions; they have a micro level of analysis. What micro means is simply that the sociologist examines the social interactions of people and how they react to each other. In divorce perspectives symbolic interactionism would say that divorce is a result of two individuals that have influence by their friends and family members. Functionalism: Robert King Merton was another sociologist, who was influenced by Pitirum Scokin. He tried to balance large-scale theorizing with a strong interest in empirical research and statistical studies. His theory was that theory building in sociology should not be governed by intellectual aggression or academic speculations. Functionalism has a macro level of analysis and focuses on the relationship between the parts if society, also how aspects of society

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