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* The scientific method was from the 9th century. * How to study everything in a scientific way? Comte answered that (he's the founder of sociology) by studying the world you can apply your knowledge and make the world a better place. He's an arm chair philosopher (he only made observations, he didn't apply himself.) he only came up with the word sociology. * Herbert Spencer: he said society evolves from lower class to higher class. The lower class would die out eventually. (this is also called Social Darwinism) today, it's not considered too much valid. * The big 3! * Carl Marx, Durkheim, & Weber! * Carl Marx- he's the most influential person. key to human conflict is the working class. his focus was on groups with competing interest. He's a conflict theorist. * Durkheim has a famous suicide research. His focus was on social integration. He's a socialist. * Weber - had a huge influence on his discipline. His terms are widely used today. His more famous work is protestant work ethic. its about that protestant countries were developing quicker than catholic ones. Protestants had more freedom of thought and action. They believed in pre-destination (God is all knowing & he knows everything about your life before your even born) it left a heavy burden on that Calvin's. B/c you don't know if you'll be going to heaven or hell. Worldly activities were done to prove you were part of the elect. Basically, he took this two develops and tied them together in a previously unforeseen way. So religion also determines economy. * development of sociology in north America - * W.E.B. Dubois - the first great American sociologist. He helped make the NAACP. First African American coming out of Harvard. His works are still widely popular today. He is a part of contemporary sociology. He had a really good critical

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