Sociology 300 Case Study

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Jane Johnson SOC 300 August 28, 2010 Sociology 300 Outcomes Assessment Essay Case study A relates to a few of the concepts from Sociology 300, but I believe it relates mostly to Women and Development which we discussed in chapter five. The case study discusses how much of an influence the women in this country have on agriculture. For example there is even the saying that talks about the corn belonging to the women since they are the feeders within the home. This statement alone shows how the women of this country hold a somewhat respected role, whereas in the past they are not even acknowledged. Though the men are still looked upon as the income provider and head of household, it is pretty much tradition that they each hold a very important role in. In the women and development chapter we discussed the political and socioeconomic status of third world women. We learned that the status of women across the third world is very diverse. In some countries women are not recognized at all and they have to partake in extreme injustices such as female…show more content…
Chapter six was called Agrarian Reform and the Politics of Rural Change. The case study shows how the people in this country try to use corn to be successful in agriculture. Though policy makers were trying to dissuade the country people from farming at all they were not successful in doing so. Instead the women of the country found that they could just cultivate smaller lots of land for the corn which has led the women to have more food for their households and more corn to sell in the markets. There is also fuel provided for heating the home from the cobs that are left when the corn has been removed. This case study shows how people of the less developed countries do what it takes to provide for their families and make a better life for them as
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