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Assess the usefulness of questionnaires in sociological method. In this essay I will examine the usefulness of questionnaires in sociological research I will provide a balance of arguments exploring the pros and cons of questionnaires. When conducting sociological research a number of methods can be used to collect useful information. Questionnaires are one of paradigms which could be used. Questionnaires are used to research a large number of people as questionnaires can be simply sent to anyone, anywhere. Sociologists who use questionnaires use a range of questions which can be categorised into either open or closed questions .in other cases multiple choice questions or questions which seek the respondents opinions. Questionnaires mainly use closed questions and usually ask the same standardised questions. The data usually produced is quantitative data. When conducting research using questionnaires a number of decisions have to be made. A sample frame has to be organised and a concept has to be operationalised also the sociologist has to keep in mind not to ask personal questions which can be embarrassing questions to go to personal questions the respondent must be mislead by given lots of questions which mislead the respondent. Questionnaires have a number of strengths and weaknesses. Firstly questionnaires are quick and inexpensive. They are less time consuming as there is no face to face interaction between the respondent and sociologists. They are relatively cheap as they can be photocopied and sent they cover a large geographical area. The same set of questions given Another reason why questionnaires are very popular because it’s an effective way of gathering information on sensitive issues (e.g.) sexuality and deviancy Also there is no interviewer bias as the interviewer has no influence on the response and remains anonymous.

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