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WRITING ASSIGNMENTS SOC166 FUNDAMENTALS OF SOCIOLOGY LEHMAN COLLEGE, CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK REQUIREMENTS: You are required to write four papers over the course of the semester. These four papers must be chosen from the options of any four weeks of your choice. You may not choose two options within the same week. Papers are due in the class meeting following the class meeting during which we have discussed the topic. For example, we will cover Culture, Societies, and Nations on 9/15, so the writing assignment (if you choose to write one for this particular topic) is due on 9/22. FILM/DOCUMENTARY OPTIONS: For all of the film and documentary options listed below, you are asked to either apply sociological concepts, theories, and/or perspectives from the respective chapter/topic (in the case of films) or discuss the sociological perspective being given (in the case of the documentaries). In all cases, you want to clearly relate and carefully link the material in the film to the ideas, concepts, and theories in the text. For example, when we cover gender and sexuality, you may opt to watch a film that deals with men and masculinity. After reading the chapters on gender and sexuality, and watching the film, you then write your 2-4 page paper on something sociologically interesting. For instance, you could discuss how sexism impacts men—how do the men in the film find it difficult to conform to the dominant ideas about masculinity? what do they gain in the process? what do they lose? Etc… The specific slant or take you take in writing your short paper should arise out of the readings and the film as you think about them. Finally, for films/movies…be sure to address how Hollywood’s presentation of the social world (whether it is women at work, education and schools, etc.) distorts the realities about the social world uncovered by sociology. In

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