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There have been contributions made from many different sociologists resulting in modern self and social interaction concepts. The contributors are Charles Cooley, George Mead and Erving Goffman. Cooley’s main concept is the “looking glass self”. This concept is based on the idea that people change themselves based upon how they think people perceive them. Cooley also stated that people need to be conscious of them self before they can be conscious of society. George Mead’s main contribution to the understanding of the self and social interaction is the identification of the “I” and the “Me”. Mead states these are the elements of development of the self, which are dependent upon socialization. He also identified three stages of social interaction: the Prepatory Stage, the Play Stage and the Game Stage. Erving Goffman’s analysis of the interaction order of social situations served to build upon both Cooley and Mead’s concepts. Goffman included Cooley’s main concept of the “looking glass self” and built upon it by adding that people attempt to change themselves based on the resulting perception. Goffman built upon Mead’s idea of people filling roles by creating a dramaturgical analysis. The dramaturgical analysis states that people adjust their role based on whether they are in the Front Region or Back Region. The development of self is largely dependent upon socialization. Charles Cooley’s “looking glass self” concept serves as a fundamental building block for future sociological concepts and analysis’. Cooley developed the concept based off of William James’ idea of the self to include the capacity of reflection on its own behavior. James’ theory of self brought together a variety of conceptions of self such as material, social and spiritual aspects. The different aspects of self could serve to conflict with each other. Cooley’s looking glass self states

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